With István Antal (reporter), Katalin Gombos and Imre Sinkovits, Lilla Mikes and Dezső Keresztury

  • Photographer: László Lugosi
  • Location: Castle District, Budapest
  • Date: 1980
  • Size: 16x24cm
  • Photo type: Black & White on Paper
  • Rights: © Fortepan
  • Registration ID: 159428

From the early 1930s Amerigo Tot worked with photographers to document his work and record every stage of his career as well as his home life at Via Margutta, Rome. Our archive holds material from many accomplished photographers (Milton Gendel, Elio Sorci, Cosimo Boccardi, Ingrid Lockemann, etc.) The aim of the photograph archive is, to contain all, to us as yet unknown records of Amerigo Tot. We ask that you send us any images that you may have. Many thanks for your help. For image licensing or further information about the photographic material, please contact us.