The smallest world trotter

  • “During creation, an inner struggle is taking place within me.”
  • “You never wake up with the same idea with what you have fallen asleep.”
  • “The more winding path we choose between our birth and death, the more we live.”
  • “Basicly there is no conceptual difference between sculpture and architecture. ”
  • “I am always capable to renew myself.”
  • “After World War II I started to get interested in stretched and tragic forms instead.”
  • “After World War II, the Renaissance beauty was completely blurred in me. ”
  • “Constructive opportunity should be gained out of everything. ”
  • “We should not record what we can see, but what we think.”
  • “Girls in Budapest can wear their miniskirts like nowhere else in Europe.”
  • “I protest against the mechanization of modern life with my art.”
  • “I think of old Ady’s poem, the one that says, that after all you are just like a pebble thrown up and down all around the world. ”
  • “First you need to love, then you can understand Bartók’s music.”
  • “From time to time I get news about my sculptures, I like to know, that they are in good health.”
  • “Things must be invented, like the doric column capital was invented by a greek architect. ”
  • “My task was to declare, that I exist.”
  • “ Embrace my sculpture, like a tree, that has separated from the soil.”
  • “I was a seafarer as well. The last peg in the boat.”
  • “In my life, I have been polished like a pebble.”
  • “When I was born, I was bathed in grape juice.”
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Amerigo is a biography book of Amerigo Tot based on interviews and memories richly illustrated with archive photos.
Európa Kiadó 2019 360 pages

Amerigo Tot – Questing in Italy

Peter Nemes searched for Amerigo Tot's works and his memory all around Italy. This book is about the results of the research.
Amerigo Tot Foundation 2014 268 pages


Siesta is the time for rest in certain countries. The pictures of this catalogue might have been made during this relaxed period of time.
Amerigo Tot Foundation 2012 40 pages


With it's corrugated cardboard cover this is a unique book about the oeuvre of the artist from the Bauhaus period to the late abstract works.
Carte Segrete 1978 142 pages

Tot I Tihany I 69

This catalogue is about the sculptor's exhibition in Tihany designed by László Katona an iconic Hungarian graphic designer of the 60's and 70's.
Kulturális Kapcsolatok Intézete 1969 60 pages


1954 100 pages

Amerigo Tot

Hardback, English or Hungarian, 270x240 mm, Handmade
2009 210 pages

Amerigo Tot

1976 136 pages

Tot - Amerigo Tot

Idegenforgalmi Vállalat 1983 174 pages


At the end of the 1940s, Amerigo Tot started creating ceramic works. He spent four years in Vietri sul Mare in the South of Italy. Vincenzo Pinto welcomed him into their workshop, and gave him access to all the tools and resources he needed to express his creativity with ceramics. The artist was inspired by the clarity of the light and the bright Mediterranean colors and created plates, vessels and tiles in various styles with abstract decoration or with Roman mythological figures, animal shapes, and face motifs.



The Photoarchive is a collection of photographic reproductions about the artist from the twentieth century. It was founded first and foremost to facilitate the research of Amerigo Tot's life and conserve their conditions to the posterity. The images, together with the historical information, provide an unparalleled resource for the study of the history of art. The Amerigo Tot Foundation considers to preserve the collection and make it available online. Please note that the reproductions are under copyright. No part of its content may be used without the prior written license of the Foundation. New records are added daily.



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Help us to build Amerigo Tot Museum & Sculpture Park! Our goal is to open this museum in the summer of 2025. But first we would love your support to fix up what we are affectionally calling "The Mediterranean Garden”. Our museum is inspired by not only the artworks of Amerigo Tot but his contemporaries as well, photographers, painters, sculptors, in one word: friends whom inspired each others. A various collection of the Italian art from the twentieth century. We working together on this project with the OKKA Building Studio to create a wonder space stuffed with objects of mystery and fascination, to encourage new explorations of what these kinds of artworks mean today.



Here you can read various articles and interesting stories to get closer to Amerigo Tot's statement of art. With the help of art historians, restorers and other professionals we try to give an insight into the scenes, showing how the sculptures and drawings were made, restored and conserved.



The Amerigo Tot Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2019 to encourage public appreciation of the works of Amerigo Tot. Its main responsibilities are preserving Tot’s legacy through books and exhibitions worldwide, and research the artist's life & works in Hungary and abroad. As custodians of an unrivalled sculpture collection, we seek to generate and disseminate research on Amerigo Tot and his art in general. If you would like to support our work please use the »Donate« button below.